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Prince George Beekeepers' Association is a branch of BC Honey Producers' Association (BCHPA). The goal of the BCHPA is to educate and improve the quality of beekeeping throughout BC for all beekeepers. The Prince George branch actively supports research on honeybees and educates the public regarding bees, beekeeping and creating an environment where all pollinators thrive.

 "You must remember that you are a beginner for the first 20 years."

~ Eva Crane, beekeeping researcher & author ~

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How To Join the Swarm Call List.pdf

For Prince George Beekeepers: Join Our Swarm Call List

Click to see out how you can join the Prince George, BC (Canada) Swarm Call List this season.

Honey Bee Swarm Explained.pdf

What is a Honey Bee Swarm & How to Recognise It

What to do if you see a honey bee swarm?

Follow the instructions in the photo. Please DO NOT spray the bees with insecticide! If you are in the Prince George, BC (Canada) area, you can contact the Prince George Beekeepers via:

Seasonal Task Guide

Check out this Seasonal Task Guide for winter management tips relevant to the Prince George area.

Beautiful Honey Bee Anatomy Poster

Looking for the perfect gift for bee lovers? How about this beautiful print of the honey bee combining art and science. See Resources for a full description, price and order information.

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How to submit your photos?

Please email your photos to  Use "Photos for Website" in the subject line and give us consent to use your photo. We would love to hear from you!