Who we are

We are an eclectic bunch from all walks of life. There are currently forty-five active members in the Prince George Branch of the BCHPA. Some of us have kept bees for decades while others are brand new to this adventure. What we have in common is that we are all still learning and we can all laugh at our beekeeping mistakes. 

Photos by Bini Ball

What we do

Beekeeping in Prince George, BC

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Our History

Two of the early beekeeping leaders in the Prince George area were John Corner and Dr. Jack McGhee. Both were founding members of the Prince George Division of BC Honey Producers' Association (BCHPA) circa 1967. John Corner was the apiarist at the Prince George Experimental Farm where he did practical research work on beekeeping, and surveyed nectar and pollen plants in the area. He was later appointed Provincial Apiarist with headquarters in Vernon.

In 1969, the Prince George Branch had 26 members. The club held beekeeping field days annually in late June.

In the late 1970s, Brian Mooney was the victim in a case of deliberate bee poisoning. Eighty hives were poisoned and samples taken by the RCMP tested positive for the presence of calcium cyanide. Mr. Mooney eventually sold his hives and moved to southern BC. 

Over the years, many colourful personalities, astute entrepreneurs and extraordinary bee lovers with regular day jobs graced the Prince George and surrounds beekeeping scene. These include George Fedyk, Peter Amyoony, Wally Penner, Jim Henham, Dietrich Elias, Frank Siemens, Rick Parent, Andy Pratt, Jim Curry,  Ivan McGill, Frank Cole, and Ilya Jung to name a few. Some also took up executive roles at the BCHPA at various times. Number of hives owned by members ranged from a few to as many as 400.

George Fedyk's hives in a bear protection device, mid-1970s.

Dr. Jack McGhee catching a swarm found in a pine tree. 

Photos by Lyn Smith