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Honey Bee Anatomy Poster

18" x 24" print on quality matte photo paper

$50 per print plus shipping. Local (Prince George) pick-up can be arranged.

This print was created by Jenn McConnell with the intent of combining science and art into something that beekeepers, scientists, teachers and bee-lovers would enjoy hanging on their wall. The images present a stylized, yet accurate, portrayal of the honey bee's anatomy. So, while the image is decorative, it is also educational.

The original artwork was created with dip pen and ink.  Proceeds from print sales will be directed toward pollinator education through the Prince George Beekeepers' Association.

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Honey bee anatomy poster

Enlarged areas of the poster

Photo by Lyn Smith

I eat my peas with honey

I’ve done it all my life

It makes the peas taste funny

But it keeps them on the knife!

- Ogden Nash